The nature and the village's activities come to life through Naive art.

Olive tree

The olive is a tree known since ancient times, with possible origin in the Eastern Mediterranean. Greek myth shows Athens as the homeland of the olive tree, since the first olive tree "Moria Elea" was planted by the goddess Athena on the Acropolis. It has also been an integral symbol of Peace, Victory, Honor and Unity since ancient times. It thus became a symbol of the Olympic ideal, since an olive branch was the only prize for the Olympians. The coronation with the olive branch had a symbolic meaning as it was considered to bring luck and divine protection to the crowned athlete.

Harvesting was a work in which farmers cut (harvested) the harvested ears of cereals, mainly wheat. Then they were transported to the threshing floor, threshed and taken to the wrist. Harvesting was a very important job as it provided the family with the bread of a whole year. However, it was also one of the most difficult agricultural works, as it required constant bending and was done under difficult conditions, because the temperature in June is extremely high. In Greek folklore, June is also called "Theristis" (the month of harvest).


In autumn, when the first rains begin, the thirsty soil begins to soften. That is when the farmers start plowing. A process that aims to fluff the soil to sow. So the field is ready to receive the new fruits and with the help of the rain to come the new harvest.


The process while breeders get the milk of animals. This process was done twice a day, during the winter and after the animals, usually goats and sheep, had been led to the sheepfold. Milk is a basic human food, but also the basis for all household cheeses (cheese, yogurt, butter).

Basket weaving

Basket weaving is one of the most ancient arts, with continuous and uninterrupted use to this day. These knitted handicrafts, which have not changed at all in terms of weaving and use since the Paleolithic era, are said to have originally originated from the manufacture of fish traps. In the protection of the Erechtheion, the Caryatids wear a basket on their head (basket), the pre-eminent emblem of the deities of vegetation and abundance: Demeter, Earth, Rhea and Hecate. Today, with the dominance of plastic, the art of basket weaving is declining. It is continued by some elderly people in various parts of the country.